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Combining vision, purpose, mission and philosophy to better articulate the essence of your enterprise.

“No one speaks who does not want something.” ~ JDR

A lesson we’ve learned which influences our every interaction is the truth that everyone who speaks wants something; to be heard, validated or acknowledged.  The ability to define the intangible essence of any enterprise is the product of listening in an uncommon way, reserving our response and recommendations until the time is right.


A spark of imagination leads to an inspired rendering and from that to giving light and life to your brand.

“Reject the boundaries of the box.”  ~ RCN

The creative process is very much driven by the outcome of successful exploration and discovery.  Going from idea to concept to definition to the rendering of a visual representation of your brand is a considerable process; one which is well worth the time and effort to do correctly and with professional assistance.


A unique communications infrastructure designed and built to deliver your messaging on a combination of media platforms.

“If you do nothing, nothing will happen.” ~ FTR

We craft your messaging which is, of course, a reflection of the values behind your brand.  We then design and build a communications infrastructure comprised of multiple media platforms.  A well built system for communications can be efficiently managed.  We test for effectiveness and measure for return on your investment.

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Ted Robertson
(719) 330-5137

RCN Group, Inc.
3630 Sinton Rd.
Suite 302
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

We gather information we need to define your enterprise.  We translate that into a visual representation of your brand and into your messaging.  We then build a uniquely suited communications infrastructure for the delivery of your messaging.

Ted is a wonderfully personable man with whom we’ve had the pleasure of doing business. He always does what he says, and has consistently come though for us.  I would highly recommend doing business with Ted.  He is a top-notch person, and will always come through for you when you need him.

Amy M. Amy M.

Small Business Owner